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Frequently Asked Construction Questions

How long does it take from the time I sign a contract until construction begins?
It typically takes us about four weeks. However, the time can vary from a few weeks to a couple  months. It’s influenced by a variety of factors, including the time it takes for us to secure permit applications from other contractors employed by you (such as a deck or screen contractor you have hired directly), the time needed for you to obtain any required homeowner association approvals, your timely furnishing of surveys and other documents required to prepare plans and submit permit applications, the completion of any required soil or density tests and the time necessary for your local building department to actually process the permit application for your pool once it is submitted. Construction cannot commence until we have a construction permit

How long does it take to get a construction permit?
Once your construction permit application is submitted, it can take from three to eight weeks to receive a permit, depending upon where you live. The time required to process your permit application by the building department may be more or less than the estimated time due to the volume of work they have to process when your permit application is submitted.

Who applies for and obtains permits?
Artistic Pools will apply for and obtain all required construction permits for items included within its scope of contract work. You are responsible for securing permits for items you have chosen not to include within the scope of our contract work. You will also be required to obtain approval from your homeowner’s association, if one exists, as well as any variances that may be required to allow the location of the pool.

How long does construction of the pool take?
The normal construction period for a typical in-ground pool is approximately eight to ten weeks from date of excavation. This completion time is based on having all required work items for the pool included in our contract with you. If you choose to hire other contractors for a portion of the work (such as a deck or screen enclosure), we can’t meet this time frame unless the other contractors complete their work in a timely manner.

Will I see people working on the pool every day?
No—on-site work is performed and scheduled in phases to coincide with all required off-site activities. Even though you may not see people working at your pool site, work is taking place elsewhere: inspections are being called, materials are being ordered and future work is being scheduled.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes—if necessary for scheduling reasons and to maintain job progress.

What factors can cause the completion of my pool to be delayed?
There are a variety of factors that can cause delays in the completion of your pool. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • Inclement weather, including the time necessary for the site to dry out after rain.

  • Our inability to obtain required inspections of the work from your municipal building department in a timely manner.

  • Limitations on site access and hours of work by you, a homeowner’s association or municipality.

  • Unforeseen site conditions encountered upon excavation of your pool, including muck, excessive rock, unstable soil conditions, uncharted underground utilities or plumbing lines.

  • Our inability to obtain equipment or materials due to manufacturing or distribution issues.

  • The inability of other contractors employed by you to complete their portions of the work (such as baby barrier or other safety devices, custom deck, screen enclosure, or electrical service upgrades) in a timely manner and obtain all required inspections.

  • Changes made by you in the scope of work after construction commences.

  • These are changes that require different materials than those originally specified and ordered or that require revisions to the plans and re-approval of the plans by your local building department.


What is the difference between gunite and shotcrete?
Shotcrete is premixed at a concrete batch plant and is delivered to the jobsite “wet”, while gunite is delivered to the jobsite in a dry form and water is added to the mixture at the application nozzle. There is no difference in strength between the two products.

What type of piping is used for the pool plumbing?
We use Schedule 40 PVC piping in accordance with the applicable building codes in your area.

What types of deck surfaces are available?
There are many different types of deck surfaces available, and your selections are limited only by your imagination and budget. Many pools are built with a concrete deck, topped with a variety of available coatings. Paver decks are also popular, or you can choose from a variety of exotic stone and marble materials.

When is a soil density test required?
A soil density test is required whenever there is concern about the ability of the underlying ground structure to properly support the weight of the pool. Generally, these tests are necessary only in coastal areas adjacent to waterways. We will advise you if we believe such a test is required for your property. The test is performed by a professional engineer and generally costs between $500 to $750.

Do you have pools under construction in my area?
Yes—we are currently constructing pools for residential customers at numerous locations, we would be happy to provide you with addresses.

What time do your crews start work in the morning?
Crews typically begin work between 8:00AM and 9:00AM, However, depending on the type of work being performed, crews may arrive at your site at any time during the day.

Do you clean up the debris resulting from construction?
Yes—construction debris is typically removed two or three times during the course of construction. 

Who is responsible for damage to my neighbor’s property?
We will assume responsibility for any damage to adjacent property caused by any negligent performance of our construction activities.

Will any of my underground utility lines be affected by construction?
Possibly—we will notify the underground utility location service of our dig plans several days before the scheduled excavation date. They are responsible for marking the location of underground utility lines.

What happens if the excavator encounters muck or unusual soil conditions?
We will make a determination if any additional expense is required to build the pool in accordance with the approved plans. Once we have advised you of any additional costs you will incur, you have the option of paying the additional cost, changing the design of your pool to decrease the depth or shape or, at your direction, discontinuing the dig and refilling the excavation area.

Are there any legal or safety requirements we need to comply with?
Yes—you will need to insure that your yard and pool area are adequately safeguarded with a fence or other barrier to prevent access to the pool from the backyard. You will also need code compliant door and window alarms or a safety barrier to prevent access to the pool from inside your house.


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