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Artistic Pools uses only the best and most advanced Pool and Spa Equipment. Some products are standard, while others, such as Automation, Color Lighting, Salt Chlorinators, Ozone, or Heat Pumps represent the latest innovations in swimming pool construction. Your design consultant will work with you to determine which products are essential for your project.


The Pentair Equipment we mention below are the result of more than 40 years of engineering excellence and experience. We ensure that all the equipment works together in harmony. It will ensure the most energy efficient and symbiotic operation, this industry offers. All additional Warranties will be included in our contract. 


Every pool and spa requires a pump for circulation but not all pumps are created equal.  All pumps (due to electrical requirements) have met rigorous tests for certification by UL, CSA or NSF (as per manufacturer)



Every pool and spa also requires a filter for filtration purposes. There are three filter media that are commonly used, DE, Sand and Cartridge. There are several factors that need to be taken into account to properly size and determine the best application. The Filter is recommended in the design phase. 


Every pool and spa includes a light. We recommend on many applications LED as it creates a rainbow of breathtaking underwater lighting effects Our underwater color lighting systems can transform your pool or spa into a luminous nighttime wonder. Choose a constantly changing underwater light show. Or, pause and bathe your pool or spa in a single captivating color. The pool, spa, and surrounding areas can be working in harmony to express your desired mood. The look and feel can be changed remotely or on site, depending on your design.

HEATING (optional)

A pool water heater will enable you to get the maximum value out of your pool investment by allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable water temperatures possible. A heater allows you to start your swimming season earlier and extend it later into the year and can lengthen your swimming day. Finally,

a heater is considered a good investment, increasing the value and cost efficiency of your pool year after year.

AUTOMATION (optional)

The pool control panel is physically located, but you no longer have to manually change it to control things like temperature, jets, lights, water features and more. You control your pool and/or spa from a set location in the house or wirelessly with your Apple, Android device, or computer.

We offer systems that include many advanced features. The Eco Select setting allows you to conserve energy and water, making your pool more energy efficient, while the history page tracks your past settings and usages so you can easily see if settings have changed.

ScreenLogic provides the ultimate in convenience and data to keep your pool operating safely and efficiently.

CLEANER (optional)

There are a wide variety of pool cleaners and your design professional will recommend one that is best for your pool. It is based on several variables like the surrounding trees or landscaping that may come in contact with the pool. The size of debris or even shape and features of your pool, may affect optimal performance.  



Pool water needs to be correctly treated to attain the optimal balance and correct water Chemistry. We offer several automated or erosion dispensers and/or products like, UV, Ozone or Salt Chlorine Generators that make owning your oasis easy.

IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator is the easiest, most effective, and convenient way to keep your pool water sparkling clean and sanitized. The IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator uses salt to produce all the chlorine your pool needs, right in your pool, safely, effectively, and automatically. Using only natural salt the automatic chlorine generator creates pure chlorine in the pool and eliminates the need to buy harsh chlorine products and add manually every week.

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