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Frequently Asked Service Questions

Are start-up chemicals included in the cost of the pool?
Yes—the chemicals needed for the initial start-up are included in the cost of the pool. You must arrange to buy any additional chemicals needed for the ongoing maintenance of your pool after the initial start up.

How do I maintain my pool after it is completed?
It is important that you maintain a proper balance of chemicals in the water to protect the pool finish and equipment from potential damage. Your pool will require periodic brushing and vacuuming to maintain its appearance. If you are unfamiliar with pool maintenance requirements, we suggest you consult a qualified pool service company or pool supply center for assistance with the specific maintenance issues and requirements regarding your pool.

Will I be instructed in the operation of my pool equipment?
Yes—once the pool is filled with water, our start up technicians will add the proper chemicals, check electrical hook-ups and plumbing, and verify the filters and pumps are working properly. An appointment will be scheduled to familiarize you with proper care, maintenance and operation of your new pool.


If I made a service call, how long does it take before someone comes out?
Our goal is to address your service issue as soon as possible, but in no event later than the third business day following your initial call. We strive to resolve all service issues in one visit, but depending on the nature of the issue, multiple visits may sometimes be required.

How long is your warranty period?
The pool shell is warranted for life to the original purchaser. All other pool components are warranted for one year. Certain items of equipment have longer warranty periods, which are offered directly by the manufacturers of the products.


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